Terms & Conditions

Terms and condition of boarding at Sweet Turf Kennels

  • All deposits are non refundable and non transferable, a deposit of £20.00 per week/per dog is required to secure your booking. Your booking is held for a period of 7 days and will be cancelled, without further notice if your deposit is not received.
  • A dog will only be returned to its owner, or a person with the owners authorisation, once the boarding fees are paid in full. Boarding fees are for the dates booked at time of arrival, regardless as to whether you collect your dog prior to the agreed departure date.
  • Boarding fees are based on a daily rate. Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 5.30, Sundays and bank holidays 10am to 1pm.We will not accept any dog or allow a departure outside the opening hours.
  • Charges include: heating, exercise, laundry of bedding, lighting, insurance and food.
  • We provide most ranges of foods, however in the interest of your dog, if we do not stock the diet your dog normally eats we will ask you to provide your own. We are happy to give fresh meat that you provide, we ask that it is bagged and clearly labelled.
  • Our kennels fees are subject to change, bank holidays over the Christmas and new year period are charged at an additional charge of £5 surcharge per day, all other bank holidays normal kennel fees apply.
  • On arrival we require that you bring your dogs current vaccination certificate. This is kept with your dog during the duration of its stay, this is in accordance with the Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963. We will refuse entry without proof of current vaccinations.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your dogs vaccinations are up to date prior to your arrival, your boarding fees will still be payable if we refuse entry due to vaccinations being out of date.
  • If your dog has to restart its vaccination course, please ensure that the 2nd and final dose has been given 2 weeks prior to arrival at the kennels.
  • A condition of boarding is that your dog is fit and healthy, however please advise us of any pre existing conditions or recent visits to the vets. We endeavour to do everything to ensure the health and welfare of your dog, however if it is deemed necessary , you authorise us to contact a vet in order to receive advice, examination and treatment on your behalf. We have isolation facilities available should the need arise to monitor your dog more closely due to illness.
  • We have pet insurance that covers for illness or accidents whilst in our care, however the policy does not cover for any pre existing conditions.
  • Every care will be taken with your dog, however illness, accidents or loss can never be entirely ruled out. We endeavour to avoid this in every way possible and to take whatever action deemed necessary for the welfare and comfort of your dog. However the kennels are used at the owners risk.
  • We are happy to give prescribed medication, at an additional cost.
  • We will require you to complete a medication form that gives us permission to administer medicines as directed by you. Medication needs to be clearly labelled with the dogs name, type and dosage of medicines.
  • We are happy for you to bring your own toys and bedding with you, we do not take an inventory of your items that belong to you, so please ensure that you have all your items before departure. We take no responsibility for the condition of your items returned to you, you leave items at your own risk.
  • We are only able to accept bedding into the kennels that we deem appropriate and suitable to launder, as your dogs comfort and hygiene is paramount. We will change bedding as needed.
  • Sometimes it may be necessary for a dog to be bathed and groomed for its own comfort and welfare. The cost of this will be invoiced to the owner.